Originating in South Louisiana, Justin's entrepreneurial journey started by traveling across the United States, with his metal building construction business reaching all 50 states and the Caribbean.

Since, his business has expanded across the world with not only his real estate, but his platform collaborations on YouTube and his partnership with the online school The Real World.

His real estate portfolio includes seven mobile home parks, multiple single family properties, warehouse property, large multifamily in the United States and currently a large property development in Dubai.

Justin is dedicated to helping all people develop along their path to reach their personal and financial goals through his message and online platforms.


In 2021, Justin launched his YouTube channel after achieving success in the construction industry.

His goal is to change as many lives as possible online through social media and pushing everyone I care about into The Real World.

He offers guidance to individuals worldwide, especially to those who living alone in a small town and looking for advice in business, mindset, health, and relationships.


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